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LAST UPDATED: 3/8/2010

Alright guys, the rules of the forum are quite simple. The forum is split up into sections for a good reason. Flaming and bashing people for their choices of what consoles they own or dislike is not allowed to a certain extent. If you begin acting immature about why you think your system is superior to the other, you will be warned. For example, bashing people for just owning a Wii will not be tolerated. If you can however make your opinion known in a cohesive manner as to WHY you do not like the Wii this will be allowed.

Harrassment of any other forum members is not allowed. If you feel a forum member is acting in a inappropriate way please let a Moderator know, do not start flame topics, you will just fuel the fire.

There is not an age ban on the forum, so NO posting of adult material AT ALL. If you do so you will be banned without warning.

Spamming is not allowed. What this means is creating tons of posts with a few words or a sentence that does not contribute to the topic at hand and is used simply to up ones post count is not tolerated. Creating topics with little point or meaning behind them that are clearly created with the sole purpose of raising ones post count are also not tolerated. Such actions will be dealt with in the form of a warning and possible temporary ban, if it keeps up you will be perma banned.

Creating many posts and topics are of course encouraged, just please make sure that they are meaningful. This means do not create 10+ topics a day all with little thought and effort behind them. Also, posts with very few words are not discouraged, sometimes little needs to be said to get a point across, just do not make it a habit or else it will be considered spam.

Trolling and flamming are also not permitted. If you create topics and or posts that have a sole intent on creating hatred towards other members, or just to anger others, you will be warned and temporarily banned. A second offense will result in a perma ban.

Regarding the "Off-Topic" forum section. You are allowed to post anything you want in there as long as it is not adult material, or even something hinting at such material that may offend others. This means no nudity, explicit acts of violence, or anything that is prohibited to anyone under the age of 18. Even if your topic contains a "NSFW" header it is still NOT permitted to be posted. Other prohibited topics include attacks on someones religion or sexual orientation. Any violations under this forum section will result in a perma ban without warning.

If anyone violates any of these rules, please report it and the moderation team will decide how it shall be dealt with.

Overall just enjoy the community and have respect for each other! Have fun and thanks for joining!

- PeteDorr