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Welcome to the PGRF gaming community! Everyone here is very friendly, so don't hesitate to say hi and engage in some video game discussion with all of us! From retro to modern, there's no discrimination here. If you have any questions, feel free to ask the moderators and administrators! Have fun.

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PGRF Discord is here!

Posted by pokemonzrpg (Admins) at Dec 5 2017, 05:21 PM. 9 comments

Hey everyone! At long last, the PGRF Discord server is here! For a while I hadn't started working on it because I wanted a new name to go in with, but since I have the ability to change the server name whenever, I figured I might as well go ahead and make one under the PGRF name.

If you don't know what Discord is (it's something I'm fairly new to as well), it is a structured text and voice chat system. You can have multiple channels in a server, which essentially divide the community into different areas of discussion like sections of a forum. You can download the Discord app for free which makes for a very mobile-friendly experience. All in all it is hard to fully explain without you trying it out for yourself. It might take some getting used to, but at least give it a shot if you'd like!

Since it is more of a real-time chat system than a system for detailed discussions, this certainly won't be a replacement for PGRF as it stands. See it as supplemental material for now. Whether or not I make a whole new forum in the future as well is yet to be decided.

I'd really like to stress that since Discord is so flexible in terms of structuring, most changes can be made without drastically affecting the pre-existing community in the way it does with something like a forum. If we want more channels to be added, channels to be taken out, things to be re-arranged, etc., these things can all be done almost instantly when I'm available. That being said, I won't be available 24/7 so the addition of moderators will likely be a step I take. I won't have moderators right out of the gate because 1) I'm currently the only member of the server since I just made it and 2) I want to gauge how much activity we'll actually have moving forward before deciding how many moderators to add and what-not.

Now I'd like to run through the current layout of the server. Like I said, all of this is subject to change and I highly encourage any feedback, either on here or on Discord, as to what should be added, removed, or changed moving forward. My thought process was that games, movies, and shows which are of particular relevance at a certain time could be given their own channels for spoiler-included discussion, whereas the other channels will remain spoiler-free. For example, if Super Mario Odyssey had just come out and everyone wanted to talk about it, I could make a "mario-odyssey-spoilers" channel for it real quick and go from there.

The first category of channels is Community, which includes the Rules, Updates, Suggestions, Text Chat and Voice Chat channels. Rules is where I just put the very simplified rules for the server for now. Updates will be where I post any important announcements and updates to the server. Suggestions is where anyone can pop in with recommendations for the server at any time, including the addition of channels they would be interested in. Text Chat is the equivalent of our Off-Topic section, in casual chat form. Lastly, Voice Chat is currently the only voice channel on the server (and the only one I see as necessary right now, let me know if you disagree). Just a place to voice chat about whatever!

The second category of channels is Gaming, which includes the Currently Playing, Gaming News, General, Modern, and Retro channels. I wanted to incorporate a bit of that forum charm in here, so Currently Playing is a channel which I thought would be a cool way to work in the "Games I've been playing recently" kind of topic which is so popular here. You can just share with everyone what you've been playing recently, your thoughts on the games, etc. Gaming News is a channel where we can talk about the latest gaming news. Feel free to share links to relevant articles on news in the industry or link to new game trailers which we can discuss. General, Modern, and Retro is how I split up the general gaming discussions for now. I went based off of our forum sections here, but I'm not entirely set on whether this is the best breakdown for Discord moving forward or not. Let me know your thoughts on that.

The last category right now is Film/Television, which includes the Currently Watching, Film/TV News, Film Talk, and TV Talk channels. Currently Watching is the film/TV counterpart to Currently Playing, where you can just share what shows/movies you've been watching recently and talk about your (spoiler-free) thoughts with everyone. Film/TV News is the counterpart to Gaming News. Share any new articles or trailers in the industry. Then there is Film Talk and TV Talk which are general spoiler-free discussions on each of those.

Like I said, I'd like to have channels for relevant specific games or shows in the Gaming and Film/Television categories if you want to have some spoilery discussions. For film and television, Game of Thrones could have its own channel before/when it comes back, Stranger Things could have its own channel since it's relevant now, etc. Let me know what you want to see, and your thoughts on the layout overall!

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Building The Future

Posted by pokemonzrpg (Admins) at Oct 29 2017, 07:48 PM. 31 comments

Pardon the dramatic title...

So I've heard some of your feedback on the previous thread and don't want to waste any time getting to work. Most of you seem on board or at least willing to humor me with trying out a new forum, so I'm going to be exploring the options for that soon. I also liked RockmanDash12's idea of doing a Discord server, so I will look into doing that as an additional option (but I don't think that should take the place of a forum).

There will be plenty to do along the way, so naturally I'll need more feedback as we continue. I decided to just start this separate thread so that I can directly ask for suggestions and input throughout the process.

The first real hurdle we need to cross is the name of the forum/community going forward. Obviously we need a more all-encompassing name, one that will really define the community moving forward. Keep in mind that the forum will include everything from video games to film to television so try to avoid exclusively gaming-related names. Also maybe keep in mind the sense of community as a focus. With that being said, I would really appreciate any ideas you have for names. The more the merrier since we should have a really solid name to continue with. Thanks!

Thoughts Moving Forward

Posted by pokemonzrpg (Admins) at Oct 27 2017, 04:13 PM. 12 comments

Hey everyone! I'm sure you've all noticed if you've been around lately that forum activity is at an all-time low. Given that, I wanted to share an idea I had and see what the remaining members think.

I think it's pretty clear now that there isn't much room for growth with a forum named "Pete's Game Room Forum." It pretty much limits the user base to members of the original gaming community (give or take a couple). Even with having the URL "pgrforum.com", it's still a name focused on someone who hasn't been a part of the community for years. I'm sure some of you don't think we should prioritize expanding and are fine with a more intimate community anyway, but the reality is that with it being primarily limited to the original community, the only direction activity can really go is down (as members fall off/lose interest). If it was a steady stream of activity like in the 2012-2013 era that would be fine, but PGRF as it stands can't really even get much out of a discussion these days, which is what forums are all about. Admittedly I don't post very often myself (though I still check here every day), but ideally a forum of any size should be self-sustaining. And as I've talked about time and time again as we've gone through slumps over the years, activity incites more activity and a more engaged community.

What I'm proposing is that I create a new forum. I've been a member of PGRF for over 8 years now. I went from member to moderator to administrator and have seen the ups and downs the forum has endured. A lot of that stemmed from the owner not being invested in the forum for many years, and other factors which piled on top of that over time. I am now more passionate about media than ever before and I feel like I would have the drive to keep it going if people would be interested in moving over. I would of course utilize some familiar faces to help me out as well if they're up to it.

Now, I'm not just proposing PGRF 2.0. It would be a more inviting, all-encompassing name and it will stem from the same community, yes, but I have ideas to give it a wider appeal. My main idea is to make it more than just a gaming forum. Ideally I would include sections for Gaming, Film, and Television (and if there is anything else you all think would be worth going into) and the hope is to get some meaningful discussions back. I remember back in PGRF's prime, there were a lot of engaging discussions going on. You could jump on the forum at any time and there would be several detailed discussions/debates going on that you could choose to jump into. People were directly responding to one another and engaging in a conversation. That's something I think we have been lacking for quite a while and I would like to achieve if we moved forward with this. I think opening up the forum from just gaming to things like film and television will allow both new and old faces to jump back in easier. So many times in the past I remember people becoming inactive or even leaving the forum because they weren't into gaming as much as they used to be. And yeah, there was an Off-Topic section, but if you weren't into gaming anymore there really wasn't much for you here. And that's fine, plenty of forums base themselves just on video games, but I know at least for myself personally that gaming isn't my only passion anymore. It still is one, but I can also discuss film and television extensively. If we can form a solid community again, having different sections like these will allow them to fall back on one section when they might not be so interested in another at the time. And it will be much more inviting for new members.

So there's my general pitch for my new forum idea. If you're a remaining active member, let me know if that's something you'd be interested in moving forward. If you're an inactive member or a lurker, let me know if this something that would get you interested in posting again. Any and all thoughts are welcome!

Also, I fully acknowledge that plenty of people who have moved on are just not into forums anymore in general. That's fine, too. But if there's enough interest maybe we can make something happen.

Upcoming Releases Calendar

Posted by pokemonzrpg (Admins) at Sep 1 2016, 09:06 AM. 7 comments

Hey guys, I've just been experimenting with some of our unused or potential entirely new forum features, and the calendar came to mind. The calendar feature has always been there, but it was never utilized for anything. So randomly the idea came to me that perhaps the calendar could highlight the release dates of some upcoming titles throughout the year.

I went ahead and added in some of the bigger games for the rest of the year as well as some games that interest me specifically. Since we've never really used the feature I'm not entirely sure, but I am assuming that you can all add to the calendar regardless of being a moderator and what-not. If that is the case, please feel free to add any games I missed that interest YOU specifically, that way the included releases dates can be as comprehensive and catered to the community as possible (of course given that it does not allow you to edit the calendar for whatever reason, you can just post the games you want included on this topic and I will add them in for you). I could have just added every release for the rest of the year, but at that point it would be pretty cluttered and also not personalized at all. I figure it could be useful if you want to hop on just to see what games are on the horizon for any given day, and it doesn't require too much activity to still be useful.

PGRF is now on Twitter!

Posted by pokemonzrpg (Admins) at Mar 29 2016, 05:50 PM. 2 comments

Hey guys, not sure exactly how often it will be used just yet, but I wanted to let everyone know that there is now a Twitter account for PGRF! I imagine it will be used similarly to the Facebook group in terms of promoting new topics, changes to the forum, and what not. But we'll see where it goes!

Unfortunately @PGRF was too short to use, so

go follow @PGRForum!

New Domain pgrforum.com

Posted by PeteDorr (Admins) at Mar 27 2016, 05:49 PM. 35 comments

So I was writing this big long topic and literally right as I am about to finish I forgot my iPad was almost dead and it shut down at the last second, losing everything I wrote. So I will try and make this more concise.

Here is a new domain that is long overdue. Honestly I was so devestated about my idiocy in losing the last one, I basically lost any drive I had left to keep up with the forums. Thousands and thousands of google links pointing to the forum were dead, any link I had made in my youtube videos were now dead, it was so frustrating.

I also started to learn that my attention span for forums in starting to declime. I had like a 2 day period where I was all excited to run a forum I made to build a community around this kung fu panda hearthstone clone game but quickly lost my enthusiasm to continue on with it.

And as I'm sure some of you are aware I am struggling as it is to create content for youtube, so all of my ideas about breathing life into the forum again were set aside until I am back on a REAL regular schedule for posting videos again so I can slip one in about the forum without it seeming too obtrusive. For now I will start posting this new domain link in all of my new videos, as a start.

Thanks to all of you who have stuck around despite my abscence to keep the forum alive. Especially to Ben and Zach, who have done an amazing job it seems of running this place. I haven't given up completely on the forum yet, me registering this URL should tell you that I'm making steps to eventually bringing it back to life like it used to be.

Once I am comfortably making Youtube videos again I will start to really start advertising the forum again. I'm thinking of making a bumper image for the start or end of some videos once I decide to officially relaunch and push traffic here again so it's like a short ad and not me rambling on forever in videos about it.

Anyway, sorry for the domain delay, thanks for your patience.

"Currently Playing" Feature

Posted by pokemonzrpg (Admins) at Mar 21 2016, 10:44 PM. 5 comments

Ok guys, I'm going through the forum, trying to think of some minor improvements and features we can add here and there. One that I just added is the little "Currently Playing" profile field. You can actually see this right below my name and everything, where it says "Currently Playing Fantasy Life" This is a little feature I thought would be a nice touch to make it a little more personable. You can change this as often as you want just by editing the option in your profile (it will also give the option to all new members upon registration). It will display under your name on each of your posts, that way anyone can see what you've been up to whenever they're scrolling down a thread. Of course, it's up to you to decide how often you want to update it or not, but I know I'll at least be trying to keep mine as relevant as possible.

At the moment, you can only highlight one game you're playing at a time because any more than that could have the potential to make it a little too cluttered, but if you guys have any more ideas for features like this let me know (though of course I have to work within the confines of what Zetaboards allows me to do :P).

The Future

Posted by pokemonzrpg (Admins) at Mar 5 2016, 03:31 AM. 63 comments

Hey guys, sorry for being so inactive lately. Now that it has been so long, and it's pretty clear Pete has no intention of supporting this community anymore, I was wondering if we could all come together with some suggestions or thoughts on the future of the community here. Should we keep going here with little to no activity, try to get more activity, re-locate to a new forum, re-locate to the PGRF Facebook group for discussion, or any other suggestions? It would be best if we could get input from as many of the remaining community members as possible before going forward with a decision.

Suggestions [MEGA-THREAD]

Posted by pokemonzrpg (Admins) at Nov 24 2015, 12:04 PM. 4 comments

Any and all legitimate suggestions, comments, and concerns you have regarding the forum may be posted in this thread (whether it be now or 10 years from now). Rest assured that the admin and moderator team will see and address them as soon as possible thereafter. Don't be afraid to come back here and post whenever something pops into your head that you think would be worth considering. Thanks.


Posted by pokemonzrpg (Admins) at Nov 13 2015, 07:34 PM. 9 comments

Alright, a new chatbox is in full effect. You can find it by either clicking "Chat" in the menu bar at the top of the forum or by using the special re-direct forum I put under the "Community" section. I think it works nicely. Feel free to use the shoutbox to say when you are currently in the chat. That way, members can scroll down and see if anyone has posted about being in the chat recently. And make sure to make an account on the chat, so you'll be a registered user. Enjoy!

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