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Atari 7800 Pal-I vs Pal-B; Looking for a little advice on this!
Topic Started: Oct 7 2017, 04:44 PM (126 Views)
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So lately I've been wanting to pick up an Atari 7800 Pal-I (The one released in the UK), but it seems that all I ever find for sale is the Pal-B version. (I think mostly released in other European territories, like Germany and Italy)

I was wondering if any more-hardcore Atari collectors could let me know roughly how rare Pal-I systems are to find in the UK, and maybe where the best place to look to find them is?

I'd also love to know what the differences are between the two, if any. Can the Pal-B system play any PAL game? Does it actually matter which system I pick up?

Any advice or information would be genuinely appreciated! I looked around as much as I could (with my limited knowledge) and couldn't quite find answers I was looking for. Hence me posting here~ ^u^

Thanks a ton to any replies! :D

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This wasn't much of an Atari community, if I were you I'd ask the guys over on AtariAge, they know their shit.


I'm not even sure how you dug this old carcass of a forum up lol.
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